2nd Asian OCR Championship is now launched!

This is the most anticipated OCR Games in Asia where men and women from ASEAN and even North Asia like Taiwan, China, Japan, etc will come together and battle it out!

Join us as we take part for the first time as a member federation to World OCR in this event!

If you are an aspiring coach and would like to take up FISO Coaching Level 1, please also sign up, and go for the championship too!

As this is a World OCR event, registration for residents of Singapore can only be registered here.

Click on the button below to register now!

Closing Date:

4 July 2019

Briefing for attendees on 4 July 1900H


3 Pickering Street, #01-08, Singapore 048659

Trip Details

$300 per pax for a twin room. Included are race tickets, the hotel stay (with breakfast), OCRS teeshirt, race teeshirt and a medal, a visit to Pretty Huge Obstacles (PHO) and a dinner as a whole contingent.

Recommended Flight Timing for Racers going to 2nd Asian OCR Championship race.

Arrive in Manila by 26th July 2019 Friday anytime to check in

Depart Manila on 28th July 2019 Sunday after 1800H (late check out of hotel is accounted for and you may check out latest 29th July 1100H)

Those going for Coaching courses will be advised separately.

What are included in the trip!

Visit to Pretty Huge Obstacles Gym!

A Day pass to visit PHO and practice/warmup/train. Do what you like in the gym and even meet the elites who are training there too!


Tee Shirt and singlet!

You not only get a race tee, but also a members tee of OCRS (design still being confirmed)

Do Singapore Proud and meet the athletes!

Run with the elites of Asia! Feel free to chat with them as every OCR racer is friendly!

Race MEdal

Race Tee

Park Rizal Hotel

As members of OCRS and participants of this event, we are given much reduced rates to stay in this host hotel with all the other nation's athletes!

Newly renovated, we are sure you will enjoy your stay here!

Breakfast provided!

Schedule subject to changes. More updates will be given on 4 July at the briefing.

Watch the action in the 1st Asian OCR Championships in 2018 in the below video!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions that were asked and our responses. If you have any more questions, please feel free to message us below:

1. Do I need to register via OCRS if I can register directly on the events website of World OCR/Philippines?

OCRS: Yes you will as the registration on the official event website is for countries without a member federation. As OCRS is a member federation of World OCR, all registrations will be via OCRS. The form is found here.

2. Do I necessarily have to be a member of OCRS and pay the $50 annual membership before applying for this trip?

OCRS: Yes. you will need to be a individual member before being able to go for the trip. This trip is a members only trip.

3. Why was the 1st Asian OCR Championship procedures different from now?

OCRS: The 1st Asian OCR Championships was a local event in Philippines. The 2nd Asian OCR Championships is now a World OCR event and hence procedures are different.

4. Why is the pricing different from that of the official website? ie: more expensive.

OCRS: The price shown on the official website is only for the race. We have helped our members to plan for the following:

  • Race ticket
  • Host Hotel accommodation including daily breakfasts
  • 1 day pass to Pretty Huge Obstacles (PHO)
  • 1 Members Teeshirt for visit to race site and PHO
  • 1 dinner with the whole team

5. What flights should I take and what should I expect for airport transfer?

OCRS: The recommended flight to take is any flight that arrives in Manila on 26 July before 6pm so it gives you good time to reach the hotel and have sufficient rest. We will be having a briefing on the next 2 days schedule at 830pm at the hotel tentatively.

Airport transfers are available on various websites such as Klook etc. If you would like to take taxi, there are dispatchers. The cabs are yellow in colour. Do not let the yellow taxi driver retain both taxi slips that the dispatchers give you. You should generally not pay more than 250 PHP to the hotel. White taxis are generally cheaper and you can try catch them at the departure level, but they are not officially sanctioned.

Grab and Uber are also available.

6. What is the expected programme?

OCRS: Generally the programme on 26 July is Free and Easy with a briefing at 830pm at the hotel.

27th July will be a visit to the race site and a day pass at the PHO. A contingent photo will also be taken here.

28th July is the 2nd Asian OCR Championships and you will be able to shower in the hotel before heading out for your flight. We will also be taking another contingent photo in your race attire provided by the

7. What if I would like to go earlier or extend my trip?

OCRS: You may inform us via the confirmation form that we will send you once the registration closes. We may help you arrange for the extension at the host hotel at the much discounted rate of about 65%.

8. If I want to attend the event but not race is that possible?

OCRS: Yes. But we will give priorities to those who want to race. Once we have 20 racers we will close the registration. If you only want to be a spectator, please register at the same link still. There will be an option for you to input this preference.

For aspiring coaches

8. Who can attend the Level 1 Coach courses?

OCRS: Individuals who have had coaching experience in Singapore, especially in the field of OCR, are welcome to apply. As this certification is of world standards and the course size is small, we will have to interview and ensure the appropriate people are sent for the course. Please fill in the application form as accurately as possible.

9. What do the rates include?

OCRS: The rates include the course fees and also hotel accommodation for the period required. The rates also include attending the trip from 26th July onwards and taking part in the race event too.

10. Why is the Para Coach course so expensive?

OCRS: As the Para Coach course is 2 days after the level 1 Coach course, the accommodation fees do rack up the costs. If you are attending the Para Coach course, you will also be working with us during the 2 day wait to plan the Para training schedule in Singapore.

11. How will these courses be useful to me or to the community?

OCRS: Those who attend the course are expected to give back to the association/community in an agreed manner as these will be the pioneer batch of trained coaches in Singapore. We understand that there is a certain cost to this and we will work on assisting you to bring the costs down. However, until that is confirmed, the stated are the fees needed.