Obstacle Course Racing Singapore (OCR Singapore) was set up on 19 February 2019 with the goal of promoting Obstacle Course Racing as a sport in Singapore, as well as its related disciplines such as sportsmanship and equality in sports.

We hope to contribute to the society by educating through participation in a sporting environment free of biases, and to facilitate the growth of mutual understanding, collaboration, friendship and fairness among all OCR athletes and enthusiasts.

We are currently applying for Institution of a Public Character (IPC), which allows the association to receive tax-deductible donations. We are expecting to have this approved before the end of 2019.

The logo and its significance

We have the World OCR logo as the overarching pictorial as we are a member federation of FISO (World OCR).

Obstacle is represented by a wheel, a common obstacle material used in the beginning of the modern obstacle courses around the world. It also represents us as an association constantly moving forward towards excellence.

The letter C is depicted with an inner C. This is the building of the community within the course of a strong association for OCR. We aspire to continuously expand the community of this sport, not just within the sport, but with the entire sporting community. OCR can be a challenging and fun sport for one and all.

Racing is focused on speed and agility. However some racers are leisure runners. To encompass both groups, we depict R in a universal obstacle that they all can attempt. The swinging man on the olympic rings also depicts agility and the element of obstacle course.

S represents Singapore. As an association, recognised by the world federation, we represent the community of the OCR sport in Singapore and around the world. Our national colours are built into our logo to bring this element of national pride into our athletes and community.

We proudly use the national red and white colours within our logo to be aligned with our national representation.