Individuals are runners or multi-sport athletes who wish to participate in Obstacle Course Racing events organised by OCRS. Individuals are people who want to push themselves to new heights through the trials of the ever-changing landscape of obstacle course racing. We will also share our partners perks and members-only events with these registered members.

Members for 2019 and 2020 are $50 for the period up to end 2020.

member affiliateS

Member Affiliates are Societies that believe in sports as a motivating factor to their societies' well-being, and that sports can bring about a healthier person by pushing themselves past their limits. These Member Affiliates have to be registered as a society with the Singapore Registry of Societies (ROS) and have at least 30 paying members.

For clubs/team/tribes who are not yet registered with ROS, your registration will still be accepted as Affiliates first. Your club/team/tribe should have at least 10 members.

Member Affiliates can join at $500 per annum.

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors and Partners are entities who believe in what the sport can provide for the community and their employees. These entities support the objectives of OCRS in many ways, such as:

  1. Partnership in bringing the sports closer to the community
  2. Sponsorship of events and our athletes
  3. Providing communication channels to the community on our efforts to build the sport

Sponsorship is very important in keeping the sport alive as the new sports association works towards building a national team for Singapore. Contributions by you or your company goes a long way in building this legacy. As we are applying for IPC status by end-2019, your contributions will also benefit from tax-deductions. We will work with you or your company closely in bringing the sport to your employees.