Organisational Chart

Positions we are looking for volunteers in the community

(more updates to be posted up by 2 Sep)

Legal team

We require a legal team to look after the association's interest in the events liabilities and undertakings we have with our partners and sponsors. We are ideally looking to onboard 2 legals who will work directly with the Exco.

Safety team

The safety team is paramount in ensuring the safety of all our events and commissions activities, as well as to look out for and advise our endorsed events throughout Singapore. We are ideally looking at 3 members on this team. They will be working closing with the Head of Technical Commission.

Marketing commission

The marketing commission and members will assist to manage the social media of the association alongside with the various partnerships and sponsorships we bring onboard for the successful run of events throughout the calendar of the association. We are ideally looking to have 5 members for this commission.

Administration commission

The administration commission and members will greatly help to ensure proper documentation of the meetings by the association as well as to document and processes necessary to pass on to the community for the ease of growing the sport in the community. They will also assist the association with the management of the members database and event registrations. The finance members will also be within this commission and report directly to the Association's Treasurer. We are ideally looking to have 5 members for this commission

Technical Officials

These technical officials will be trained and registered in our database for the ease of running events around Singapore and even globally (if they are certified with World OCR). They will be responsible for ensuring fairness during the races and also encouraging the athletes through the obstacles on site. These officials are crucial in any race such that athletes have confidence in their timings and that the race is fair for all. These officials will be working closely with Singapore's Chief Technical Official. We are looking ideally to have at least 100 officials or more from Singapore.

Event Coordinators

These event coordinators sit within the competition commission. They will handle the planning up to the actual day operations of events for the National League series. These events require almost the entire association to be involved and these event coordinators have to have a strong grasp of teamwork and aptitude in people management, including a keen eye for details. We are looking ideally to have at least 6 event coordinators for the entire calendar year. You will have one main event to be the main event coordinator with 1 support event coordinator and expected to assist with the other events.

If none of the above interests you, please still indicate your interests via email to ( with Title of email "I want to volunteer!") and we will contact you to discuss how you can support out operations.